Mergers And Acquisitions

Business Mergers and Acquisitions in Oklahoma

Mergers and Acquisitions refer to a business strategy dealing with the buying, selling, dividing, or combining of similar or different business entities to help an enterprise gain a competitive advantage at a much faster pace.

Business Broker

As a Business Broker in Oklahoma, we are skilled professionals who assist buyers and sellers in the acquisition and sale of business entities.  We provide business valuation services, professional packaging, and continuing business consultation under controlled conditions to ensure confidentiality.

Business Acquisition Intermediary

Ensuring confidentiality is one of the main reasons to utilize an Intermediary.  We currently provide variations of confidentiality agreements and are familiar with how to effectively administer these important documents.

Business Valuation Consulting

Our services include the preparation of Business Valuations in Oklahoma.  A sound business valuation or appraisal is the independent and unbiased process of determining an opinion of the value of a business that can be supported by on-going cash flow required to retire debt service.

Management Team Assessments

In order to promote a smooth transition during a merger and/or acquisition process, we recommend utilizing our employee assessment technology to better understand the management transition team members in an   individual role and in a management team environment to reduce conflict and improve communications