Stone Resources Strategic Alliances

We made a decision several years ago that in order to succeed in business, we needed to surround ourselves with winners.  The following Strategic Alliances were selected to support that objective.

National Business Valuation Services, Inc.

National Business Valuation Services is a full service, national business appraisal and transaction advisory firm.  They provide custom business appraisal, exit planning, and transaction advisory services to individual buyers and sellers, professional merger and acquisition intermediaries, lending institutions, and professionals providing advice to business and practice owners in law, accounting, insurance, financial planning, gift and estate tax planning, transition strategies, and other financial services.  National Business Valuation Services was selected as our preferred provider.

Workforce Solutions, LLC

Over 48 million users from more than 40,000 companies in 122 countries rely on Profiles International assessment tools to improve their human capital investment.  Workforce Solutions, LLC was approved as an Authorized Strategic Business Partner of Profiles International several years ago so that they could provide a tool for their customers and strategic alliances to better understand the methodology and process of increasing job performance.

WSI Analytical Internet Marketing, LLC

Having access to a multitude of resources from 12 Production Centers and the collective experience of over 1,500 offices strategically located around the globe, WSI Analytical Internet Marketing, LLC provides search engine driven marketing and internet advertising solutions that deliver maximum return on investment for clients.  We chose WSI as a Strategic Alliance to not only create an internet platform that would generate visibility, credibility, and a very strong online presence for our company but also provide a strong referral source for our clients.